How to know if you should tithe or not:

In Scripture,

There was a group of people known as The Levites.  They were allowed no possessions- for their only possession was The Lord and their only job was to accomplish His Will.  This is the life I’ve chosen.  I have no earthly desires at all, except for a wife one day.  Other than that, I could care less about material anything.  Otherwise I probably wouldn’t voluntarily live out of a creepy white van haha.  But- I still have some financial needs like food and fuel, and the occasional random item.  I’ll list what exactly you’ll be tithing into, and you can decide if you want to contribute towards that or support this mission overall.

PS- OVER 10% of every dollar I’ve ever gotten into my hand is tithed back into other missionaries.

As of Now, ALL Proceeds are going directly to replacing my vehicle.  My oil head gasket blew- and it’s not worth fixing.  SO- donations toward “Mission Mobile #4” Would be a Life Saver!

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